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"It's easy to start saving on your costs to accept credit cards at your business, with the new cash discount program you pay just a flat $99 per month to accept credit cards, the rest goes back in to grow your business, pay your kids collage tuition, or just take a vacation, you decide!

Hi! I'm Kate Hatfield, I am one of the Senior Administrators, let us help you with the new Federal Guidelines

Are you tired of all the overpriced and hidden fees with you pay for credit card processing ?

New Federal Law Changes Everything, Average Annual Savings $15,000.00

Retail, Wireless or Internet EMV Credit Card Terminal Provided Free

No Contract or Cancellation Fee

Fast 24 Hour Direct Funding

No Cost at All to Get Started Today

Eliminate 90% of Your Credit Card Fees

Now any size or type of business can eliminate one of their biggest expenses, their cost to accept credit cards and it is easy to start saving

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Start Saving Thousands of Dollars Each Year on Your Cost to Accept Credit Cards

Just 1 minute can save you thousands

Month to Month Service, we earn your business

Saving your business hundreds of dollars

Average Annual Savings is $15,000

All setup, application and programming fees are waived

Never wait for your $, Make a sale today get paid tomorrow

A small customer service fee is assessed on all customer transactions

This fee is applied to each sale made on your credit card terminal

The fee is eliminated if the customer pays with cash, check or in-store gift card

The new software automatically determines the service fee and discount amounts

That's it, just that simple, no complicated procedures, just more money in your pocket

How it Works...

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We Have Already Saved Thousands of U.S. Businesses Millions of Dollars

Many business types have already been charging convenience and service fees

Utility Companies
All utility companies including DTE, , Comcast, + DISH. Average of $6.50. per transaction

Gas Stations
10 cents per gallon, the average American spends an extra $300 per year to swipe at the pump.

$4.35 average cost to access your own money (over 1 million ATM transactions every day).

Cell Phone Carriers
All major cell phone carries ask for a convenience fee to pay by credit card over the phone.

Local Governments
All national, state and local governments, Post Offices, Schools, Courts, and the IRS. Average of 2-6%.

Since Surcharging (Convenience Fee) in Australia over 60 % of Major retailers now use it with tremendous success.

The Cash Discount Program is Easy to Implement at the Checkout Register and Encourages Cash Payment

Other Business Owners are seeing the savings including Auto Repair, Auto Dealership, Pubs/ Bars, Bakeries, Boutiques, Doctor Offices, Dry Cleaners,

Funeral Homes, Law Offices, Pet Grooming, Pizza Delivery, Restaurants, Smoke Shops, Airlines plus more!


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